Our Guidelines

Our Guidelines

We provide "SAP plug into power"

  • Our customers are supplied with business processes that work perfectly and are based on global SAP solutions.
  • As a general contractor for SAP products, we are one provider for all business and technical IT solutions. When the need arises, we also work together with partners.
  • We attend our customers on the long term, acting as a solid and reliable consultant and partner. When their business grows, so do our services.
  • We are absolutely convinced that SAP is the best enterprise management software for our customers, now and in future.


We serve customers from various industries with different business sizes

  • Our focus is on customers established in Switzerland, but we also work for clients abroad whenever necessary.
  • Our resources and competencies are designed to guarantee a comprehensive and long-lasting customer support.


We set standards in our market segment

  • Our core business focuses on planning, implementing and operating standardized SAP solutions.
  • We help our customers to comprehend and assess SAP.
  • We are conscious of our responsibilities to the environment and strive in particular to improve our energy efficiency constantly.
  • In order to assure our quality standards we periodically undergo audits by independent auditors.
  • We review the satisfaction of our customers, partners and employees by conducting regular meetings.


We are unique due to our special strengths

  • Building and maintaining long-standing, personal and committed relationships with our customers matters a lot more to us than any shortterm profit maximization.
  • Our growth is essentially based on developing portfolio customer relationships and on making use of arising market opportunities, provided we have the resources and competencies needed to this effect.
  • We always listen to our customers feedback and take their concerns seriously. Customer problems are solved quickly and in a non-bureaucratic way. Our communication is explicit and intelligible.
  • The combination of very robust technical infrastructure and extensive know-how enables us to be considered as reliable and trustworthy in the market. 


Our organization and processes are efficient, streamlined and flexible

  • Our structure, organization and processes are deliberately streamlined and flexible, so we are able to react quickly to all types of customer needs and changing market requirements.
  • Our different business units are extremely well supported by our competent central administration.
  • Our staff stands out through their highest serviceability and customer orientation, their sense of responsibility, their independent thinking and acting as well as their enormous quality consciousness with respect to their work.
  • While each one of them is specialized in his or her field, all our employees work closely together in projects and teams.
  • We provide both a pleasant working environment to our staff and interesting projects and opportunities for personal development.
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