SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver

The standard technology platform of SAP serves as a basis for a service-oriented architecture and constant processes with many applications of the SAP Business Suite.
SAP NetWeaver covers the following fields:

Information Management

Data integration, date quality backup and master data management are the key to smooth and highly efficient processes - both in the company and in collaboration with customers and partners.

Process Management

You can create new business processes and adjust existing ones flexibly to changing needs. You can quickly and efficiently create a comprehensive Business Process Management (BPM). In doing so, you can implement company regulations in the day-to-day businesses and shorten the time-to-market.

Application Modelling

A model-driven development environment for the design of new applications and the adjustment of existing ones is made available by SAP. The following tools assist you:
  • By help of the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment, you can design, distribute and execute applications.
  • By help of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. you can develop Java-based, multi-level business processes.
  • By help of the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer, you can design model-based business applications without any programming skills.


By help of SAP NetWeaver, you can link applications in heterogeneous system landscapes among each other and enable a consistent interaction of all business processes. SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP PI) enables the process-oriented collaboration between applications and components of all kinds in its function as SOA middleware.

Operational optimisation

New technologies, demanding users and changing business requirements challenge the SAP landscape every day (operation focusing on costs and benefits, minimisation of risks and improvement of the quality of processes). By the help of SAP Net-Weaver Application Server, you can share your core applications via an open and reliable infrastructure. By help of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management, you can manage the identity and permission rights of users in the entire company.




Your benefits

  • Large and comprehensive experience with SAP NetWeaver
  • Large number of successfully completed projects
  • Many best practice examples
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Very stable platform
  • Good and detailed documentation
  • SAP standard
  • SAP standard
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