SAP Mobile Platform

SAP Mobile Platform

Mobile devices become gain in importance

Our customers more and more need to manage their company data on mobile devices. Thus, information is forwarded to the employee promptly. Our SAP certified employees are able to map the processes indicated by you virtually on any mobile devices of your company.

The SAP Mobile Platform is an environment consisting of several components for development and operation of mobile applications. We provide you with already developed apps, adjust them to your needs or develop new apps - tailored to your requirements. You can connect your data sources safely to all mobile applications - no matter if Android or iOS devices.
Your employees can access at any time access shared and prepared company data from registered mobile devices from all around the world, thanks to an constant encryption without any concerns regarding safety.

Mobility has no limits

  • Company data on mobile devices
  • SAP-based platform
  • Mapping of processes on mobile company devices
  • Already developed apps as a basis
  • High safety via encryption
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