Advanced Product Overview

BPS Mobile App

The Business Process Suite mobile app enables, in addition to the invoice approval workflow or the ePosting solution to execute invoice verification and invoice approval on a mobile device (smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad). On these devices, all steps of the workflow, including recalling scanned invoices, can be executed and processed accordingly. The Business Process Suite mobile app is offered as an option for the ePosting solution or the invoice approval workflow.

Posting with Excel

Posting with Excel is a tool by means of which you can enter postings in Excel and thanks to a smart import function import them to SAP. Therefore, you may generate multi-line postings or vouchers via one single file. This solution is extremely efficient for regular, similar postings. Contents in Excel are edited or deleted. If all conditions are met (e.g. balance zero), the file can be imported and the original table can be archived as paper document. The posting templates are adapted by ERPsourcing to the individual needs of the customer.

Business Expenses Module (BEM)

Module for processing expenses including the possibility of collecting costs and original vouchers (photo) on mobile devices (Android and iOS). The integrated authorisation workflow ensures compliance of IKS standards and regulations and the corresponding audit guidelines. Due to the high integration in SAP, the correspondingly collected expenses that were approved in the workflow can be directly posted in SAP. Payment of vouchers is executed afterwards according to the specifications of each customer. The module BEM can be integrated seamlessly in the ePosting solution and therefore guarantees efficient and safe processing of the expenses both for the employer and the employee.

Business Process Suite (BPS)

With the Business Process Suite (BPS) ERPsourcing AG offers a framework supporting our customers in different administrative and operational processes in many ways. The strengths of the Business Process Suite are located in process optimisation, meeting IKS regulations, fulfilling financial and IT audits, provision of various information and assessments, archiving of documents and extending mobility. Both standard modules and customer-specific modules may be used in the Business Process Suite frameworks. By means of the Business Process Suite cloud and the corresponding web interface, the access to modules and data is guaranteed around the clock. Furthermore, the Business Process Suite mobile apps offer versatile options and substantially increase the efficiency within the modules.

CATS Mobile App

The CATS mobile app allows to record working hours on mobile Android devices (iOS being developed), analogous to the ERPweb working hours recording option. Besides recording hours for individual projects, the CATS mobile app additionally offers the possibility to enter work and holiday reports. These report possibilities provide among other information on hours performed sorted by projects, on working time control or holiday balances. The ergonomic interface allows easy and efficient recording as well as evaluation of the working hours. After having recorded and saved the data successfully, the entries are transferred to Terzi@

CRM Mobile App

The CRM mobile app displays data from cobra CRM Plus in a mobile application. Address and contact information can be searched and displayed in many ways. The interface and its operation have been specifically tailored to the needs of employees who need information from CRM with just a few clicks. There is the possibility of dialing the telephone number of a company or its contact directly from the application. Furthermore, emails and SMS can be directly sent from the app and the route from the current location to a specific address can be calculated as well. Additionally, a contact can be added to an address. The data will be directly read from the SQL database or will be written directly into the database. For that reason, the ERP CRM mobile app can be connected to other CRM with SQL database and only little effort is needed to adapt it.

CRM Modul (CRM)

This module offers the possibility to easily create a CRM which aggregates and displays both customer and supplier date in a variety of views. Besides the traditional application on the PC, this CRM module offers additionally comprehensive utilisation and operation via mobile devices (Android an iOS). Starting from basic data regarding company, address, contact to displaying sales-relevant information, debtors and creditors accounts receivables, open purchase items, open order items up to recording customer data directly during the visit on site, his module allows to implement an efficient and extremely comprehensive CRM application. Other features are starting a call or sending an email to a contact directly from the mobile app as well as opening the customer's website. Even navigation to the customer can be started directly from the mobile app. The CRM module is designed to be customized and therefore to meet all customer-specific requirements.

Customer Information Portal (CIP)

The Customer Information Portal (CIP) is another module of the Business Process Suite and enables to aggregate and consolidate information from different systems (customers and/or suppliers) within one unified platform. In CIP you can display reports, assessments, statistics and dashboards according to the individual customer's and/or supplier's requirements. Individual information can be exported to Excel files at the touch of a button. Due to the concept of permission integrated in the Business Process Suite, utmost safety is granted upon accessing the individual information and the IKS guidelines are completely observed. The Customer Information Portal is perfectly suitable for the systematic exchange of information, as it guarantees a high level of data transparency within customer and/or supplier relationships.

Data Center Services

For years, ERPsourcing operates successfully two proprietary, completely independent, symmetrical data centres in Kloten-Balsberg and Wallisellen. First of all, they serve to host customers-ä SAP systems and to host the ASP products of ERPsourcing. As a SAP Hosting Partner, SAP Cloud Partner and SAP Channel Partner, ERPsourcing is a certified SAP hosting company. Both data centres are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure (Installation 2009, expansions 2012 and 2013). We attach great importance to a homogeneous, optimised environment. This allows a very cost-effective operation. Further certifications: SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) and ISAE 3402.

Document management system (DMS)

Entire document management system with integrated, electronic file feature. Due to the automatic assignment of unique identification numbers (file numbers) upon receipt of emails and/or manually scanned documents, the assignment to the corresponding business cases as well as a seamless traceability of all information can be guaranteed. The solution is based on two elements, the "electronic file" which covers all business-related documents and the actual document management which covers archiving and management of all not business-related documents, files and emails. For archived data (OpenText), distinction is made between audit-relevant and uncritical documents. The audit-relevant data are saved in the OpenText "SnapLock", the uncritical ones are saved in OpenText without "SnapLock". The integrated, user-friendly user interface GVFI DMS Suite ensures ease of use and easy and efficient handling of individual features.

Dynamic tray control (for forms)

The solution "Dynamic tray control" for forms enables to issue one form and single pages of a form from different printer trays using several printers. As an additional option, the language of the form is available, so the desired printer tray can be selected according to the language needed. The following form types are supported: SAPScript, SmartForms and PDF. The ERPb@seline add-on is flexibly applicable and can be configured for up to 5 printers with only one day needed for the implementation.

E-Billing for SAP

Traditional customer invoices in paper form are replaced by electronic invoices by using E-Billing for SAP. By means of the data hub OSIS, the corresponding interface between SAP and the provider of electronic invoices (PayNet) is ensured.

e-dec Export with SAP GTS

SAP Global Trades Services is the perfect supplement for an SAP ERP environment. By help of the application components Compliance Management, Customs Management, Risk Management, and Electronic Compliance Reporting, SAP GTS supports regulatory controls in every respect. The activities focus on processing foreign trade processes, as for example the sanction list scanning and customs clearance. From verification and validation of the master data up to electronic transfer of customs declaration via EDI converter, SAP supports GTS in the complete foreign trade processing.

EDI as a Service

ERPsourcing is specialised the field of electronic data interchange (EDI) in connection with SAP systems. We replace the individual interface programming in the process chain by configuration of an intelligent technology. A Cockpit contains the central control, management, monitoring and automation of information flows. Great availability and performance at low project and operation cost are characteristic for this product. For the exchange of data with "non SAP systems" ERPsourcing has all state-of-the-art log adapters (SOAP, SFTP, SCP, Email, SQL, RFC, X 400, HL7, AS2, etc.). For the exchange of content of information, all standard formats are available (XML, IDOC, EDIFACT, CSV etc.). Furthermore, we implement prepared solutions for data exchange in the field of trading with suppliers, subsidiaries, storage facilities and logistics service providers in the transport industry. ERPsourcing delivers readily available solutions to the interfaces and is able to implement them with minimal effort.

Electronic personnel file

The primary advantage of the electronic personnel file consists in the fact that all employee data like applications, contracts, monthly payrolls or annual evidence for tax offices are available paperless at a glance and independent from their type (letter, fax, contract, memo), the form and the format. Workflows are facilitated and accelerated. SAP Records Management (RM) enables to integrate the existing system landscape. All information is summarised in a continuous business case in one smart file. Thus, existing archives of departments or locations are merged to a company-wide pool of information. The goal is to completely replace all paper files by electronic files.

ePosting Solution

The ePosting solution is based on the framework and several modules of the Business Process Suite It contains data extraction from paper and PDF documents and electronic invoices via SIX PayNet, the manual or automatic account and workflow assignment, the approval workflow in the Business Process Suite according to IKS as well as posting invoices in the SAP system. Furthermore, an image of the invoice is stored in the SAP archive. Additionally, the Business Process Suite mobile apps for invoice approval (Android and iOS) are available enabling the user to approve invoices via smartphone or tablet away from his or her workplace. Its strengths are the close SAP integration and the automatic account assignment as well as its high level of mobility due to the Business Process Suite mobile apps for invoice approval. The variable costs are based on a unit price per processed invoice. The standard solution is based on ERPb@seline and our OpenText archive solution.

ERPb@seline Archiving

ERPb@seline Archiving enables audit-proof archiving. This increases system performance and empties file cabinets. This archive of documents contains audit-proof archiving of original vouchers. The paper form gets obsolete and needs no longer to be stored. The list archive ensures that the invoices of the past year can be archived completely traceable and stores the most important lists (balance sheet, account details and so on) in the archive. For a freely definable retention period, they can be retrieved from SAP. The SAP data archive regulates reorganisation of SAP data, this will also be executed after the closing of the period for SAP vouchers that are no longer needed. They can be removed from the SAP database. The archive option in the records management allows to organise all archived vouchers in a folder structure.

ERPb@seline Services

ERPb@seline Services – powered by SAP is the complete solution for processing of information in a service company and is based on the basic processes of the standard software SAP ECC 6.0. From project management, project controlling, sales support, invoicing up to controlling, all departments are integrated in a system. One central feature of the project management contains the structuring of the project as well as the project course, including planning of deadlines, costs, budget and revenue. The project manager is always up to date due to the information system and is therefore able to monitor the services rendered, to discover deadline conflicts and to trace the running costs. An exact planning and the assured overview of the project course ensure to reach the project goals.

ERPb@seline Finances

ERPb@seline Finances - powered by SAP is based on the basic processes of the components of Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO) of the standard software SAP ECC 6.0. The corresponding master data - general ledger accounts, customers, suppliers, cost centres and staff - can be managed linked among each other. Data can be evaluated and processed in all components by means of the corresponding information system. ERPb@seline Finances – powered by SAP is not only suitable for trustees and financial service providers but also for controlling in small and medium-sized companies and may be worthwhile for a single workstation only.

ERPb@seline Trade

ERPb@seline Trade – powered by SAP is the complete solution for processing of information in a trading company and is based on the basic processes of the standard software SAP ECC 6.0. From material procurement, inventory management, sales, marketing, controlling up to financial accounting, all fields are integrated in one system. A central function of inventory management contains consumption- or demand-based disposition. Quantity- and value-based inventory management monitors constantly all inventory and offers assistance during stocktaking. Exact and clear planning ensures timely delivery of the products to the customer.

ERPb@seline Human Resources

ERPb@seline Human Resources – powered by SAP is based on the basic processes of the component Human Resources (HR) of the standard software SAP ECC 6.0 and is particularly tailored to the requirements of small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland. By using the pre-configured solution ERPb@seline Human Resources – powered by SAP, fast and cost-effective entry in human resources management is possible. Our solution contains all necessary settings and processes for easy salary processing, focusing on the essentials. Requirements from real life, like copying root or account data, staff-related measurements showing the employee's life cycle in the company and the automatic import and export of root and salary data has been integrated in our solution in advance.

ERPb@seline Production

ERPb@seline Production – powered by SAP is the complete solution for processing of information in a manufacturing company and is based on the basic processes of the standard software SAP ECC 6.0. From material procurement, inventory management, sales, marketing, controlling up to financial accounting, all fields are integrated in one system. A central function of inventory management contains consumption- or demand-based disposition. Quantity- and value-based inventory management monitors constantly all inventory and offers assistance during stocktaking. Exact and clear planning ensures timely delivery of the products to the customer.

ERPb@seline Wine trade

ERPb@seline Wine trade – powered by SAP is the complete solution for processing of information in a wine trading company and is based on the basic processes of the standard software SAP ECC 6.0. From material procurement, inventory management, sales, marketing, controlling up to financial accounting, all fields are integrated in one system. A central function of inventory management contains consumption- or demand-based disposition. Quantity- and value-based inventory management monitors constantly all inventory and offers assistance during stocktaking. Exact and clear planning ensures timely delivery of the products to the customer. Particularities like reports to the EAV (Eidgenössische Alkoholverwaltung - Swiss Alcohol Board) are considered.


ERPcockpit is a practice-oriented user interface for a quick overview. It provides any SAP user his or her "own" cockpit with exactly those applications he or she needs. ERPcockpit is standardised and can therefore be used in all SAP modules, at the same time, it is not imperative that the installation comes from the product range of ERPsourcing. The focus of application is usually in the SAP applications Finances (FI/CO), Human Resources (HR) and Logistics (SD, MM). Permissions of individual users can be designed individually. ERPcockpit offers a pleasant and ergonomic appearance and is in total a successful platform providing the user with indispensable tools for managing his or her tasks.


ERPphone is a solution creating a connection between the switchboard and the SAP system. The product is developed and applied for Bachmann Forming AG. Bachmann Forming operates two separate systems: NEC Business Connnect System and SAP ERP with CRM Light. These systems are connected among each other. The interface logs of the Philips switchboard are used. The ERPphone Server assumes the communication between the switchboard and the SAP system. ERPphone Client is used for the connection to the workstations. For incoming calls, the customer's data from CRM Light are displayed at the corresponding workstation. From the application CRM Light, calls can be made at the push of a button. The solution is comfortable, flexible, easy to use.

ERPsourcing App Distribution Portal (EADP)

Similar to an app store, the EADP enables the internal and external distribution of apps for the mobile platforms Android (version 4.0 or higher) and iOS (version 7.0 or higher). The EADP, applied as web application, is hosted on a DMZ server at ERPsourcing and offers, besides the productive platform, a test platform. Access to the platforms is feasible directly from mobile devices, via the browser ( and or the mobile gateway and the EADP app. The administration (user administration, automatic password reset, apps management etc.) is executed via web interface in the corresponding backend. A separate, local database, which has no relation to AD, serves as administrative basis for the user management. By introducing this platform (EADP), a problem- and risk-free distribution of all mobile apps developed by ERPsourcing can be ensured. In order to facilitate the instructions for the different customers, a corresponding installation and user manual has been created (Installation EADP Mobile App unter iOS v1.0.docx).

ERPsourcing Customer's access

The services of ERPsourcing AG can be accessed in several ways: For connections within Switzerland, where availability, latency or high bandwidths have utmost priority, we offer dedicated IPSS connections in collaboration with Swisscom. Bandwidths, redundancies and support level can scaled to a large extent freely. Most of our customers access our services via site-2-site VPN connections. This solution is for free and available worldwide. The internet is used as transport medium, therefore, we cannot guarantee availability, latency or bandwidth. For mobile employees and home offices, we offer SSL-VPN-based connections. Only a computer with internet connection and possibly a local SAP GUI installation is needed. Also in this case, the internet is used as transport medium, therefore, we cannot guarantee availability, latency or bandwidth.

ERPsourcing Mobile Device Management (EMDM)

By means of EMDM, single mobile devices can be managed individually and the corresponding access permissions can be controlled. The EMDM is another module of the Business Process Suite in which mobile devices can be managed in addition to the user permissions. Due to the detection of the device ID which is generated in the corresponding mobile app from the "native device ID" and therefor provides an additional level of safety, any access to mobile apps and the therein used data can be locked independent from the user in case of loss. Furthermore, there is the feature "remote wiping" offering the possibility to reset a device to the factory settings and lock it at the same time. Using the EMDM means a high safety standard for the use of ERPesourcing mobile apps and allows our customers the safe operation, even for sensitive and critical data.

ERPsourcing Mobile Gateaway (EMG)

The ERPsourcing Mobile Gateway (EMG) is as Reverse Proxy enabling access of the mobile apps to the corresponding backend applications such as SAP, CRM, BUSINESS PROCESS SUITE etc. via internet. As a central element of the ERPsourcing Mobile Suite (EMS) it guarantees the seamless distribution and installation of the mobile apps via the ERPsourcing App Distribution Portal (EADP). Furthermore, the EMG enables the management of the Android and iOS devices via ERPsourcing Device Management (EDM).

ERPsourcing Mobile Suite (EMS)

The ERPsourcing Mobile Suite (EMS) is intended as a platform for all mobile apps and consists of a development platform for the operating systems Android and iOS, a mobile gateway, depending on the portal (EADP) for Android and iOS for the delivery of apps as well as a device management for Android and iOS to ensure the safety-relevant requirements of the individual apps and customers as well as the involved systems. Furthermore, "remote wiping" in case of a lost mobile device is possible. Due to the construction and application of the EMS, ERPsourcing is able to develop, operate and manage the different apps exactly tailored to the customers' requirements. Within EMS, clear guidelines regarding appearance and functionality of the individual apps are fixed in a style guide. Moreover, there is a naming convention which guarantees a uniform labeling and naming within the individual apps. Likewise, the correct name of versions and builds are mentioned in this style guide.

ERPsourcing Web Hosting

The web hosting offered by ERPsourcing contains both hosting of existing websites and complete web shops. Additionally, we are able to create new websites or adapt existing websites in collaboration with our customers. In the field of hosting web shops, we offer besides their operation, also support and maintenance as well as applying new web shops or transferring older, existing web shops to our proprietary platform. Our know-how includes everything, from technical aspects to the design up to the operation of all necessary components. Additionally to the hosting, we offer consultancy for the implementation of new ideas and solutions. Also in this case, the goal is to offer everything from one source: consultancy, design, technical implementation, support and operation.


The ERPwebshop is a web shop that is completely integrated in SAP SD and that benefits from the strengths of SAP. Hence, the sales process is optimally supported, both by current material master data from SAP and the current pricelists and the unique calculation logic. The ERPwebshop uses the original calculation in SAP, so there is no discrepancy between web shop, order and sales order in SAP. Other features of the ERPwebshops are: Control of the web shop relevance via article master, listing of articles per customer/exclusion of individual articles, display of customer-specific rates acc. to SAP, graduated price acc. to SAP, navigation structure according to SAP product hierarchy, coupon/discount control with promotional codes in the web shop, minimum order quantities according to SAP, integration of image databases/external images, customer-specific shop design, integration of barcode scanners.

ERPweb-Time recording

The intelligent Front-End ERPweb Time recording is used when it is difficult to maintain an overview on all project works and absences and in order to support a quick and meaningful administration. Manifold reporting options offer information of working hours sorted by projects, on working time control of the employees, holiday balances and so on. ERPweb Time recording is a real alternative to SAP CATS, based on SAP NetWeaver and which allows the customer and its employees, record working hours in an ergonomic user interface more efficiently and to evaluate them.

ESR-Multiple Subscriber number

The SAP standard for Switzerland allows to use only one ESR subscriber number in the accounts payable accounting. Therefore, when several ESR numbers of a creditor are available, there is no automatic link to the supplier when reading the deposit slips. This add-on enables to enter several ESR subscriber numbers in the supplier master data in order to ensure the automatic processing when scanning the deposit slip and during the subsequent transfer to the payment run. The implementation thereof is quick and cost-effective.

Executive Service Module (ESM)

The Executive Service Module (ESM) is a module of the Business Process Suite developed for the processing of different executive services. The entire solution is fully integrated in AP and is compatible with the IKS standards. Within ESM, all processes can be mapped, from acceptance of the customer's order to the production planning, the supplier order, the creation of delivery notes up to the invoice to the customer. The supplier orders executed inside ESM can be transferred directly from the module via fax or email. Furthermore, a customer's order created in ESM is automatically created in SAP as an order as well. ESM can be described as a simple "mini ERP system", as it contains elements from SD, MM, PP and FI. Therefore, this solution is perfectly suited for application of decentral business units or start-up companies having no or only a limited IT infrastructure. Due to the high level of integration, decentrally collected and processed data can be consolidated in a higher-level ERP system at any time.

Payroll accounting via printing lines

The "payroll accounting via printing lines" enables to address printing and packaging lines directly from SAP via machine-readable OMR coding. The ERPb@seline add-on is flexible and can be configured within just a single day.

HR Process Management

The processes and data flows within the core process of HR are standardised and largely automated by help of the BPS module HPM (HR process management). Manual processes (routing slips, check lists, excel lists, word documents, etc.) are replaced and optimised by standardised process templates and electronic workflows. Application of new, electronic processes ensures comprehensive transparency and process monitoring (four eyes principle). Using an "employee self-service" can lead to sustainable relief of the HR fields and their responsible persons. Additionally, the traditional dispatch of payrolls will be replaced by the corresponding paperless version in electronic form within the employee self-service. The module HPM is a particularly user-friendly pre-system for HR systems of different manufacturers.

Hybris Webshop

This product represents a web shop based on Hybris. The deep SAP integration is achieved by the application of the ERPsourcing product Hybris SAP Connector. This web shop is able to meet even the most complex requirements due to the use of the Hybris technology. Interactive online calculations or product configurations in real time can be effected reliably by means of this technology. It is a web shop technology leaving nothing to nothing to be desired regarding realisable functionality. In contrast to the ERPsourcing Webshop, the Hybris web shop is more suitable for large companies and enterprises. The graphic expression of the Hybris Webshop can be tailored to the demands and the corporate identity requirements of the customers.

Inflight Retail Modul (IRM)

The inflight retail module is applied by several airlines in conjunction with the duty free packing process. The duty free scanning (DFSC) serves as a central element enabling to write off individual articles by scanning the bar codes both in SAP and in the inflight retail system. Due to the connection to the corresponding inflight retail system, standard loads and the current stocks of articles in the individual carts can be read in directly into the mobile scanners. Therefore, the quantities having to be refilled are automatically displayed in the scanner screen when the articles are read in. Transferring the single article references to SAP and to the applied inflight retail system is done via DFSC Forwarder through a data terminal (cradle). Data transfer is initialised by inserting the scanner in the cradle is effected in form of a batch transfer via FTP or SFTP server. Thanks to the use of IRM, the entire data flows within the so-called duty free packings can be substantially optimised.

Internet access for evaluations

The add-on "internet access for evaluations" allows employees of a company to access several evaluations via the internet. This application is a variant of ESS (Employee Self-Service) without complex settings and the high costs of large SAP solutions. By means of this add-on, employees get access to typical HR-related evaluations like payrolls, salary statements or their holiday balance, but also other evaluations such as cost centre summaries or a sales report. Therefore, the solution is applicable in all departments, as far as evaluations or reports are available in SAP.

Invoice Approval Workflow (IAW)

The invoice approval workflow is basically a "light version" of the ePosting solution. Scanning and parking of invoices in the IA is not effected automatically but manually. The scanned invoices are parked in SAP and subsequently forwarded to the BUSINESS PROCESS SUITE. Therefore, verification and approval in the invoice approval workflow can be executed completely corresponding to the IKS requirements and the audit regulations. The verification of the invoice as well as its approval can also be done via smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS). Thus, cycle times of the individual invoices are substantially reduced and the efficiency of the accounts payable accounting can be significantly increased. Once an invoice has passed all approval steps, the corresponding posting is done in SAP directly from the BUSINESS PROCESS SUITE. Thanks to the integrated dashboard, all responsible employees in the accounting department are always able to get an overview of the status of invoices in the workflow and so, they are able to intervene proactively, if problems are identified.

IT Services

ERP assists its customers in the field of consolidation and improvement of the system availability as well as in optimisation of the infrastructure. By help of our extensive know-how, especially in the field of SAP software, we can actively assist our customers. The experience IT experts of ERPsourcing assist our customers in the following areas: SAP introduction, IT backup, management, IT audits, SAP updates/upgrades, IT output management, SAP NetWeaver Support, IT change management, SAP safety , IT capacity management, IT documentation management, SAP data hub, SAP archiving and IT taskforce management.

Small Billing

The solution Small Billing has specifically been developed for companies in the SME field that do not need the complexity of logistics modules but do not want to waive the creation of professional invoices in SAP. Small Billing by ERPsourcing AG can generate both one-time and periodic invoices - without using the modules Distribution (SD) and Materials Management (MM). The solution is based on proprietary features and tables, but is fully integrated in the SAP Standard. Generated vouchers are automatically posted in the modules Finances (FI) and Controlling (CO). During the daily business, the user can access templates, easily implement price changes and export documents at the touch of a button (e.g. as PDF) or automatically send them as attachment to emails.

Parking of creditors/Scanning/Archive

The add-on ERPb@seline Add-on "Parking of creditors/Scanning/Archive“ enables to park (scan), approve pay and at the same time archive vouchers revision-proof. The parking of vouchers offers an overview on the customers' "in-house" invoices. By way of easy handling, the user is assisted throughout the complete control process regarding tracking and monitoring of incoming invoices. Great emphasis is put on speed. The electronic processing in form of scanned vouchers shortens the decentralized approval process of invoices significantly. Scanned vouchers are stored electronically and audit-proof.

Supplier Portal

By means of the web application "Supplier portal", the supplier is able to access their open order items directly in the customer's system to create and print the labels for the dispatch of pallets according to the customer's specifications. After having selected a purchase order position, the produced pallets can be recorded by entering the following information: Your reference, supplier's batch, roll number, quantity in units. Afterwards, the labels for the corresponding pallets can be printed directly via the browser.

Onetego Designer

Ontego offers a complete design suite for the mobile application settings. Any business process can be made available for mobile devices, even if the client is not a programming expert. Whether online or offline scenarios, goods receipt posting or a complete sales software: Ontego is in any case the perfect tool without burdening the customer with additional, time-consuming basic works. Features, objects, fields are read in as per configuration and are available immediately. But any tool has its limits, therefore, the customer is able to intervene at many positions by individual Java programming as well. Very special logics can be controlled via JavaScript and individual interface elements are integrated via a API concept. Maximum freedom is guaranteed.

Onetego Mobility Platform

By help of the Ontego Mobility Platform, the customer is able to make all processes in his company available for mobile use. Due to the integrated designer suite, access to the full SAP web services and other back ends is available at once. Ontegos smart offline synchronisation offers 24/7 availability, even if not network is available. This solutions is flexible in all fields, like logistics, service, sales, stocktaking, production, storage, management and many more. The easily understandable concept of use is essential for the employees' acceptance. Ontego combines the modernity of today's mobile interfaces and the specific requirements of applications in the business environment.

Password Reset Self Service (PRSS)

Our product Password Reset Self Service enables users to reset their password in case it has been forgotton or if their user account has been locked due to false login attempts. With our tool you will save unnecessary waiting times and other related trouble. At the same time you will increase your productivity and the service desk will decrease its workload. The process requires a two-way authentification to avoid misusage and improper access. Our solution is browser-based and implemented with Web Dynpro for ABAP.

SAP BusinessObjects Cockpit

SAP BusinessObjects Cockpit is the basis to be able to make reliable and competent decisions in companies - no matter, if it is about a metrics overview for the CEO, a sales overview for the marketing/sales department or any other company reports. From the SAP BusinessObjects Cockpit package, you get preconfigured reports. 1 day of training/transfer of knowledge, the access via internet as well as the automatic dispatch of reports as PDF-files is included.

SAP HANA @ ERPsourcing AG

SAP HANA is a high performance In-Memory-Database by SAP AG. It allows complex evaluations with large amounts of data at a very high speed. This is particularly useful for BW applications. Furthermore, SAP HANA database can also be used as database in a traditional ECC 6.0, offering a large advantage regarding speed for everyday users. ERPsourcing AG offers a cost-effective entry into the world for SAP HANA for tests and proof of concepts. Furthermore, we offer productive, highly available SAP HANA installations in our distributed data centres. Likewise, SAP supports the virtualised platform for productive use.

SAP Hosting

For years, ERPsourcing operates successfully two proprietary, completely independent, symmetrical data centres in Kloten-Balsberg and Wallisellen. First of all, they serve to host customers-ä SAP systems and to host the ASP products of ERPsourcing. As a SAP Hosting Partner, SAP Cloud Partner and SAP Channel Partner, ERPsourcing is a certified SAP hosting company. Both data centres are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure (Installation 2009, expansions 2012 and 2013). We attach great importance to a homogeneous, optimised environment. This allows a very cost-effective operation. Further certifications: SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) and ISAE 3402.

SAP Licenses

SAP AG is the leading provider of enterprise software for companies of any size and in any industry. Since its establishment in 1972, SAP has been developing through innovation and growth to become the leading provider of enterprise software with more than 251.000 customers all around the world. SAP AG brings technological revolution to the companies and develops innovations, which not only improve processes in the global economy, but also the lives of people. From the back office up to the management, from the warehouse to the shelf, from the desktop to the mobile device. Business applications: ERP, CRM, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management. Databases and technology: Databases, cloud computing, application platforms, enterprise information management, business process management, in-memory computing, IT management, real time data platform. Business analyses: Date warehousing, business intelligence, risk management and compliance, enterprise performance management. Mobile solutions: Mobile apps, mobile apps platform. Cloud computing: Cloud solutions:

SAP NetWeaver Single Sign- On

SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On combines increased safety for companies including great ease of use for the end user. It integrates seamlessly in their existing authentification processes and offers single sign-on for business applications, network safety and digital signatures. SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On is available for SAPGUI, SAP WebAS for ABAP and WebAS JAVA, SAP BW Business Explorer or SAP Netweaver Business Client. Furthermore, applications by third party providers can be integrated. All connections are encrypted in order to protect the company data.


SAPikett is a proactive standby service package offering assistance to customers in the event of a fault. The offer is aimed at different needs, from a simple standby service up to comprehensive system support. Depending on the service level agreement (SLA), operation and response times are agreed differently. EPRsourcing AG will receive information about a possible fault from the client either by email/SMS or via telephone. Depending on the time of day, different schematic processes are carried out to solve the issue. By means of appropriate tools, ERPsourcing AG can monitor systems and detect potential incidents early. Through proactive actions, emergency responses during operation, at night or during the weekends can be avoided. SAPikett is supported by the two monitoring solutions ServPatrol and SAP Solution Manager.


ServPatrol is a universal monitoring application being able to automatically monitor all system environments. ServPatrol is a SAP certified client-server-application allowing the system administrator to automatically monitor the functions of system landscapes. These system landscapes consist of SAP systems and additional sub-systems like portals, databases, FTP servers and so on. Proprietary systems and systems by the customer can be integrated in the ServPatrol system landscape. ServPatrol informs you of all events and alerts. The software offers an effortless overview at any time of the current status of all systems and network components (end-to-end monitoring). Special features: Flexible alert plans (emails, SMS, command execution), client/server principle, ServPatrol mobile app (Android and iOS). A client (or an app) is furthermore able to monitor multiple system landscapes.

ServPatrol Mobile App

ServPatrol Mobile App is the mobile app associated with the monitoring application ServPatrol. Complete system landscapes can be fully monitored. Via ServPatrol mobile app, the system administrator has all systems and network components under control, everywhere and independent from the location, simply via Android or iOS.


The synchronizer transforms the obligation of preparation of test data into a comfortable voluntary exercise. With help of this solution, the customer can create data copies in a cost-saving, quick and effortless way. It is also a convenient copier for all SAP HR data. The synchronizer triggers the copy process between clients and systems. From info types, payroll and time organisation results to general HR tables, organisation structures and objects up to applicant and pension funds data, the amount of copy can be freely determined, personnel master data can be automatically anonymised when copying. The customer has more time to focus on the daily business or on test cases and does not have to waste time for the data preparation of test cases.

Taxi Solution

On the one hand, the Taxi solution offers the possibility to book a taxi ride in the desired car type from A to B via the web browser. The cost of the trip can always be controlled. On the other hand, taxi drivers manage their orders and define their customer radius. Developing a mobile app of the Taxi Solution would be quickly feasible. Thus, incoming orders could be organised and coordinated directly by the driver in the taxi.

VEKA Insurance card inquiry

The insurance card inquiry enables hospitals and related facility to query current data of insured person via an online inquiry and to compare them with the master data in SAP IS-H. The biggest advantage for the customer is that immediately upon the patient's admission, the insurance coverage is known. At the same time, the quality of the master data of any patient treated can be improved without any efforts. Furthermore, no SAP PI is needed for this solution. The online connection to VeKa, Covercard and other facilities provided by Avintis SA provides real time data and covers the complete Swiss insurance net. The only additional investment to be made is the one for card readers. VeKa and other licenses are usually existing and only need to be adapted.

Contract management

The extensive contract management covers both standard requirements of SME customers and highest standards of large enterprises and is fully integrated in SAP. Highlights: Active management of different contracts, financial control and precision in planning and prognosis, transparency of contractual costs/revenues, easy access to all contractual data and related documents, monitoring of important data and activities (via messages), functional extension of the open SAP ERP platform.

VoIP Control Mobile App

Phone calls to the main telephone number (reception) can be regulated and checked via the VoIP Control Mobile app. People can easily be assigned to a specific group in order to forward calls accordingly. The following four groups are available: ERP-Lync-Escalation-Manager - The registered person receives all calls to the main telephone number onto his/her mobile number, starting from 6 pm. Starting from 8 am, all calls are automatically routed to the main telephone number. ERP-Lync-Forward-Handy - The main telephone number can be routed to any person (mobile number). At first, the calls are received via the main telephone number and after ten seconds at the mobile number. ERP-Lync-Primary-Reception - The registered person receives all calls to the main number. Any number of people can be registered. ERP-Lync-Secondary-Reception - If the call is not answered by the group Primary-Reception, the call is forwarded to these people. Any number of people can be registered.

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