Make your creditor process transparent

By means of the ePosting solution, ERPsourcing offers a solution that covers all processes from receipt of invoices up to sending invoices electronically. The manual activities are consequently reduced and reliability and transparency of the entire invoicing processes is increased sustainably.

Based on the Business Process Suite (BPS), the different modules enable the safe transfer of electronic invoice data in a VAT-compliant form:

  • Invoices in paper form are scanned and the necessary data extracted accordingly.
  • Assignment to the different accounts can be done automatically or manually.
  • Automatic detection of payment conditions in SAP.
  • Web access available 24 hours, this always ensures tracking of individual processes.
  • BPS mobile apps for increased flexibility of individual invoice approvers upon approval of invoices.
  • OpenText archive of scanned and electronic invoice data.

    Video about ePosting

    Short, interesting video about our ePosting solution

Impressive strengths

  • Deep integration in SAP
  • IKS compliance (logging all actions)
  • Transparency in all processes
  • Automatic generated audit reports
  • Gapless event log
  • Uninterrupted and timely invoice approval
  • User-friendly application and administering
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