A second opinion regarding your SAP system landscape

A second opinion regarding your SAP system landscape

Between uncertainty and cost pressure

You, as the responsible person, are generally satisfied with your computer service provider or your internal informatics.

But you might have questions like:

  • Is my SAP system landscape optimally configured?
  • Are the high costs for my informatics infrastructure justified?
  • Can I further improve the productivity of my company?
  • Am I on the right track regarding my informatics strategy?

A second, independent view of your informatics

In order to provide you with a reliable basis for your decision, ERPsourcing has developed this continuous improvement process. Our SAP certified consultants listen to you and impartially analyse your system landscape for possible weaknesses and deficiencies. By help of our large experience in the field of hosting and consulting, we can even judge, if you are paying prices in line with the market or not.

Your benefit

Certainty in decisions and new ideas

  • You will receive a report highlighting the weaknesses and opportunities. Potential risks are listed and measurements for their prevention are proposed. You can react early and exploit potential before being forced to do so.
  • We would be delighted to implement the necessary actions or new ideas and to cost-effectively assist you in getting a stable, performing and future-oriented infrastructure.
  • As a certified SAP partner, we are also able to advise and assist you regarding future SAP projects.

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