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State-of-the-art technology with large potential

SAP HANA is designed as In-Memory database. Thus, almost all data of the database are kept in the main storage of the server. This offers a special advantage of speed. Additionally, the data of tables is no longer saved in rows but in columns. An effective compression algorithm of the data ensures that even more data can be kept in the main storage. SAP HANA is a relatively new development. Therefore, concepts of flexible expansion are integrated from the beginning. Additionally servers can be added during operation.

Furthermore, SAP relies consistently on existing standards for the operation of the system. Suse Enterprise Linux is used as operating system for SAP HANA. Management and application development is based on Framework Eclipse which is then applied to SAP HANA Studio as a tool. In SAP HANA Studio, the access points for administrators and application developers are consistently merged.

But design and use of this powerful database is not worth for any scenario. Therefore, you will get profound advice regarding whether SAP HANA would be useful for you. But you might have questions like:

  • What are the advantages SAP HANA for me?
  • Can I integrate SAP HANA into my existing SAP infrastructure?
  • What consequences will the introduction of S/4HANA have for my hardware infrastructure?

A Proof of Concept with your data

In order to answer your questions reliably, ERPsourcing offers you the possibility of a Proof of Concept with your data. Our experienced specialists will build, test and analyse your required processes in a SAP HANA environment in collaboration with you.

Your benefit

Clarity and new approaches

  • You will get a comprehensive of the analysed processes serving as an aid to decision-making.
  • A cost estimation will assist you to judge the corresponding business cases.

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