HCM Suite

HCM Suite

HR processes - optimised, efficient and transparent.  

The processes and data flows within the core process of HR are standardised and largely automated by help of the BPS module HPM (HR process management). Due to the integrated electronic workflows, the module HPM offers virtually paperless processing of the following HR processes:  
  • E-Recruiting
  • Candidate management
  • Onboarding
  • Employee joining the company
  • Payrolls
  • Employee assessments
  • Expense reports
  • Event management
  • Staff fluctuations
  • Education
  • Employee leaving the company
  • Absences 

Manual processes (routing slips, check lists, excel lists, word documents, etc.) are replaced and optimised by standardised process templates and electronic workflows. Application of new, electronic processes ensures comprehensive transparency and process monitoring (four eyes principle). Using an "employee self-service" can lead to sustainable relief of the HR fields and their responsible persons. Additionally, the traditional dispatch of payrolls will be replaced by the corresponding paperless version in electronic form within the employee self-service. The module HPM is a particularly user-friendly pre-system for HR systems of different manufacturers.

Convincing efficiency

  • Standardisation and facilitation of individual HR processes
  • Increasing transparency in individual processes
  • Seamless transfers in corresponding processes (cross-functional)
  • User-friendly interface for HR systems (e.g. SAP HCM)
  • Ensures meeting the deadlines within individual processes
  • Implementation of the four eyes principle in all relevant processes
  • IKS compliance (logging all actions)
  • Reduction of double handling for data collection
  • Introduction of "single data sourcing"
  • Relieving individual HR areas and their employees
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