SAP for Production

SAP for Production

Produce in time

ERPb@seline Production is the perfect complete solution for data processing in a manufacturing company. All departments, from manufacturing to sales up to accountancy, are united in one system.

The software is based on modules of the standard software SAP Business All-in-one in the RDS concept (rapid deployment solution). The individual functions are selected and worked on in a process-oriented way by help of an easy and clearly arranged menu. This ensures that the user is able to quickly navigate through the applications. The business processes remain lean and are supported efficiently.

IIn many companies, ERPb@seline Production has become an indispensable guidance and control instrument. It facilitates and automates administrative activities and ensures that you always keep track of things. Also for companies with several subsidiaries, ERPb@seline Production is the ideal software. The installation of your SAP solution in our data centres enables global access - even from your subsidiaries abroad or from mobile data carriers. You will always work with latest data.



Potential performance capabilities


  • Production plannimh
  • Production control



  • Sales
  • Materials management



  • Main accounting
  • Debitors
  • Creditors
  • Assets
  • Controlling



  • Staff administration
  • Payroll accounting CH
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