SAP for Service Provider

SAP for Service Provider

Transparency in all projects

ERPb@seline Service goes substantially beyond the limits of all software solutions for project planning available on the market. All business processes are integrated to ensure that the project manager will be informed comprehensively and at any time on all incidents -whether human resources management, logistics or accountancy.

Functions like order registration are selected and worked on in a process-oriented way by help of an easy and clearly arranged menu. Therefore, it is ensured that the user keeps track of anything at any time and that business processes become lean and efficient.

The project manager is able to access his data via a secure data line from any location. The project manager keeps track of the current project status. Comprehensive safety settings with user profiles and permissions and communication tools, such as email, complement this solution.

Potential performance capabilities


  • Project system


  • Main accounting
  • Debitors
  • Creditors
  • Assets
  • Invoicing without SD
  • Controlling



  • Staff administration
  • Payroll accounting CH

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