IT Services

IT Services

Experts for affordable efficiency, availability and security

Nowadays, costs and expenses in IT are a very important topic. Partially heterogeneous architecture requires maintenance at favourable conditions. Consolidation and improvement of system availability and optimises safety infrastructure are more strongly demanded. The challenge of thinking and acting in a network are continuously increasing.

By help of our large know-how in this field, in particular in the field of SAP software, we are able to support you actively. Our experts will find ideal solutions in close collaboration with your specialists.

Our experienced IT experts are glad to assist you in the following fields:

SAP implementations

  • Advice during the selection of new hardware & software components
  • Creation of a "Center of Competence"
  • Good acceptance of SAP technology

SAP updates/upgrades

  • Planning & preparation of SAP upgrades with concept
  • Execution of upgrades and parts thereof
  • Integration of our many years of experience in upgrades with lowest downtime

SAP NetWeaver support

  • We add our many years of experience in SAP NetWeaver to your project
  • We train your experts
  • The result is a homogeneous and stable system platform

SAP safety

  • Neutral analysis of safety-relevant topics and their factors
  • Disclosure of potentially vulnerable areas
  • Perfect integration of IT security in your organisation


SAP data hub

  • Analysis of the existing interfaces landscape
  • Utilisation of the perfect data hub for your needs
  • Standardisation of all interfaces


SAP aechiving

  • Database analysis and recommendations of possible archiving techniques
  • Acceptable backup and restore times
  • Compliance with statutory requirements

IT backup management

  • Determination of safety gaps in data backup
  • Elaboration of data backup and emergency plans
  • No more uncertainty in the field of data backup

IT output management

  • Optimisation or establishment of your output management
  • Determination of possibilities by many scenarios from real life
  • Outsourcing of mass printing to print and packaging lines

IT change management

  • Standardisation of recurring changes
  • Continuous documentation of all changes
  • Perfect balance between flexibility and stability in your entire IT environment

IT capacity management

  • Analysis for you capacity & resource requirements
  • Determination of saving opportunities & optimisation by use of capacity management
  • Reduced service costs

IT documentation management

  • Cost-benefit-analysis for your company
  • Permanent availability of documentations
  • Facilitate access to all critical documents

IT taskforce management

  • Assistance in organisation or management of an entire taskforce
  • Motivation of all concerned locations ensures that existing problems are solved

IT audits

  • IT audits based on many years of experience are our specialty
  • We create feasibility studies with recommendation of implementation
  • We show you a clear IT architecture for your company

Your benefits

  • Extensive experience of our specialists
  • Large number of successfully completed projects
  • Large know-how
  • SAP certifications
  • Highly qualified employees
  • Highly motivated team
  • Central location, easily accessible
  • Direct and personal contact
  • Support 24/7t
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