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Our ERPb@seline products are suitable in production fields to support business processes in a contemporary way. Nevertheless, in many cases the demand for developing individual functionality is growing. This ranges from interfaces to evaluation and optimisation of business processes including customer-specific additional functions. Do you want to adjust or extend your SAP system, but you do not have any SAP specialists implementing your requirements?
Then you are right with us.

We offer developments in the classic ABAP and in the WebDynpro, SAP HANA and JAVA environment. Our experienced specialists develop adjustments or extensions in the following fields for you:


Basically, we realise all interfaces independent from any modules. From the classic flatfile to iDoc interfaces and WebService interfaces.
Of high importance for the modules FI/CO, SD, MM, PP, PS, IS-H, HR and OM. In collaboration with the corresponding department, we are willing to break new ground.


ERPb@seline Personal:Export billing document to external

Export account data from the payroll accounting to an external accounting system in form of a file. The origin is a generated IDoc from the payroll accounting. The Intermediate Document (IDocs) is a container for exchanging data between SAP systems and any third-party system. The IDoc includes the voucher and is converted into another format, e.g. a customer-specific format or an standard output format by means of this report. The reason is that not all third-party system are able to proceed IDocs directly.



Often, demand for evaluation is growing with deepening and optimisation of business processes. We realise any evaluation method. From the classic list evaluation to power lists with various ramifications in transactions. Determine the output matching the business process and the proper selection, which is done in collaboration with the corresponding department is of high importance for a suitable evaluation.


Adjustable fluctuation report

This report evaluates per employee in HR the infotypes 0000 (measure) and 0001 (organisational assignment). Therefrom, all data (stock begin, stock end, start of work, end of work) per person and month is collected. Form this data collected, the values average and fluctuation per month, quarter and year are calculated. The values are aggregated to the cost center, personnel subarea, personnel area and company code. Depending on the types of measures to be considered for the evaluation, the result on the highly aggregated levels (e.g. company code) are to interpreted accordingly. The keyword is "fluctuation within the company". What kind of measures are to be allocated to measure types can be adjusted via customizing tables. The output works optionally either via an ALV check list, as a tree structure or as a formatted Excel download.

Extensions of functions

Process optimisation in SAP can lead to insufficiency of the standard functionality and the need for extension. Partially, this may be executed complementary to the SAP standard by help of proprietary developments. Sometimes, the SAP standard has to be extended. Based on the SAP standard processes, we realise any customer-specific extensions of functions according to our customers' requirements. But we do not reinvent SAP.


Scan and sales monitor upon shipment

This is a bar code scan monitor for loading the trucks at the ramp and the subsequent creation of a goods receipt product order (transaction MB31) to Domestic Warehouse (CH) oder Interim Storage Export (EU). The scan monitor is the first process for monitoring of customs clearance. The sales monitor serves for further processing of the pallets collected and scanned in the warehouse for shipment to a duty-free warehouse. It will be used once a truck has been loaded completely and the corresponding rows in the scan monitor have been approved.  

Controllable default of default values ​​for detection of HR master data

Specific default values ​​can be generated via a control table for each HR infotype for the fields to be covered . These default values ​​are then filled in the implementation of relevant measures or change transactions in the respective fields . Thus, various fields can pre-assign and settle the acquisition of common standard cases more efficiently .


If documents have to be sent to external persons, they play a central role. We develop SAPscript, Smart Forms and AdobeForms forms for you. You want to automate and optimise paper-based communication? The combination of Adobe® PDF functionality (portable document format) and current version of all SPA applications enables user-friendly, interactive solutions. Therefore, the field of application of SAP systems can be extended, even without direct access to SAP. In close collaboration with you, we implement the appropriate solution.

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  • Deep SAP integration
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